What is 5s+1?

Most programs that use the term "5s+1" have added a sixth "S" to the 5s methodology. The sixth "S" being referenced by 5s+1 is always "Safety". Sometimes, 5s+1 programs are referred to as "6s" programs.

The PlusONE 5s+1 Safety Program is not a 6s program. It is a unique addition to your existing 5s program that injects safety into each of the 5s phases. Instead of having a separate step for "Safety", the PlusONE program implements safety goals, reviews, worksheets and other materials right into each of the existing 5s steps.

It is not hard to understand why businesses and 5s program managers feel the need to add this sixth "S". Safety is a primary concern, and has deep legal and socio-political impacts on a work place. Safety is not something that organizations add because they choose to, it is a requirement.

Some feel that 5s systems address safety concerns inherently. While it is true that completing a 5s process will increase safety by default, this is very different from approaching safety methodically. Individuals who understand the value of a structured 5s approach should have no problem understanding the value of a structured approach specifically for safety.