Shitsuke: Sustain +SAFETY™

Even though it is the last step, the 5s Sustain Phase is the most important part of a 5s exercise. Sustaining means that you will constantly maintain and review the new standards and systems you have put in place. It also means that you will create new 5s exercises when necessary.

The goal of the 5s Sustain Phase is to make sure your operations don't slide back into the "old way" of doing things. The 5s Sustain Phase fights the "status quo", and replaces it with a newer, more efficient mentality. In the Shitsuke: Sustain +SAFETY™ version of the 5s Sustain Phase, you will be empowered with materials to help make sure the Sustain Phase is successful.

Part of the Shitsuke: Sustain +SAFETY™ version of the 5s Sustain Phase is a complete auditing packaging. The PlusONE 5s+1 Safety Program includes auditing materials, worksheets and templates that help make auditing your 5s work easier. As part of the auditing, you will maintain a focus on safety by tracking and maintaining your safety labeling and other visual awareness items.