Seiketsu: Standardize +SAFETY™

As you move through to the more advanced 5s Standardize Phase, you will begin to see the benefits of structured efficiency exercises. The 5s Standardize Phase helps your workforce enormously because it clarifies expectations and responsibilities. When workers know what to expect, they can feel more confident in their work, and are more effective.

In the Seiketsu: Standardize +SAFETY™ version of the 5s Standardize Phase, you will standardize safety policies and visual awareness. The PlusONE 5s+1 Safety Program includes materials which help you keep your safety labeling consistent throughout your work area.

The program also includes policy templates, and safety labeling recommendations that will help you create a complete, standardized safety program. As you move forward toward completion of your 5s exercises, the Seiketsu: Standardize +SAFETY™ step will help you reach your ongoing safety goals.