Seiso: Shine +SAFETY™

Many people mistakenly believe that the 5s Shine Phase is a one-time cleaning project, or an "as-needed" shining activity. Unlike the 5s Sorting and Set In Order Phases, which are initiated during a 5s exercise and completed, the 5s Shine Phase is an ongoing effort. At the end of each shift or block, the work area is cleaned, and everything is returned to its proper place.

The Seiso: Shine +SAFETY™ version of the 5s Shine Phase helps make this goal a reality by increasing the understanding and visual awareness of the need to Shine. The PlusONE 5s+1 Safety Program includes materials that will help you create and place cleaning checklist labels and cleaning reminder labels. These materials will help everyone in the workplace be more aware of the ongoing Shining Phase.

As a part of the Seiso: Shine +SAFETY™ phase, you will clearly label your cleaning supplies, and create a cleaning workflow. By apply 5s efficiency principles to your cleaning process, you will make the Shine Phase easier for your workforce, which will increase the likelihood that the Shine Phase procedures will be followed.