Seiton: Set In order +SAFETY™

The 5s Set In Order Phase helps you organize your work flow for a focus on efficiency. During this phase, you will move and arrange tools, equipment and other materials to "Straighten" the work path. You will also clearly label proper tool and equipment locations, so that items may be returned to their proper place after use.

Safety is greatly increased during the 5s Set In Order Phase. When objects in the work area have a pre-defined placement, accidents are less likely to occur. The Seiton: Set In Order +SAFETY™ version of the 5s Set In Order Phase adds another aspect: Hazard and PPE requirement identification.

In the Seiton: Set In Order +SAFETY™ phase, you will label hazards and PPE requirements that you identified in the Seiri: Sort +SAFETY™ phase. With the PlusONE 5s+1 Safety Program, you will have access to materials that will make this labeling project easy.