PlusONE™ SOS Program

As part of the 5s sorting phase, you will move items that are not currently necessary into storage. Dealing with the storage of these items may present a significant challenge, and if not properly addressed may lead to inefficiencies and unsafe conditions. A properly organized storage area is as important as a properly organized work path.

The PlusONE SOS, Safety Of Storage program helps you address your new storage needs. Software, templates and worksheets for shelf, rack and bin labeling are all included. Properly labeling and tracking these parts of your storage area will increase efficiency and safety.

The PlusONE SOS program can also be applied to your existing storage facilities. By organizing these facilities, and making sure that they are properly and clearly labeled and marked, can improve your work flow in storage areas. Large and small, any storage area can benefit from PlusONE SOS.