PlusONE™ Program Overview

What is the purpose of the PlusONE Program?

The PlusONE Program helps you make safety a focus in your workplace. While 5s focuses on improving workflow and efficiency, the PlusONE program streamlines your visual awareness and other safety programs. PlusONE is to safety what 5s is to workflow.

What is included with the PlusONE Program?

The PlusONE program includes software, worksheets, a divided binder, label templates, example labels, icon and graphic libraries, label and red tag supplies, and an industrial 5s labeling system. It also includes printable digital copies of materials that let you apply the program over and over in each of your facilities, and with each new 5s cycle. The PlusONE program gives you everything you need to get Safety included in your 5s program.

How is the PlusONE Program different from my 5s program?

The PlusONE Program is not a 5s program, but a 5s+1 "add-on" program that injects safety into each aspect of the 5s. Additionally, the PlusONE program is not a sixth "S", like some other programs, but a completely integrated method for including Safety all along your 5s path. It is a more effective method for making safety a part of your existing 5s program.

Can I use the PlusONE Program without a 5s program?

Yes. The PlusONE Program is designed to work as part of an existing 5s program, but it can be easily adapted for companies who have not yet adopted a 5s methodology. In fact, many companies are introduced to 5s thinking through the PlusONE Program as they search for ways to improve safety in the workplace. The PlusONE Program not only addresses their need for increased safety, it introduces them to a whole new way of thinking with 5s concepts.

What if we've already completed our 5s exercises?

It is never too late to add safety to your work environment. The wonderful thing about any 5s program is that it is never "completed". 5s programs all include a "sustain" step, which indicates a commitment to continue applying 5s principles whenever necessary. If you've already completed a 5s cycle, you can go through an apply the PlusONE +SAFETY™ action items individually, or include them as part of a new 5s cycle with a renewed focus on safety.