PlusONE™ Customized

The PlusONE Program is designed to fit easily into your existing 5s system, or stand on its own as an all-inclusive safety exercise. Each component of the PlusONE Program can be inserted into your 5s program as an "add-on" to ensure a focus on safety is maintained.

The PlusONE Program includes separate worksheets and other materials that can be tailored to fit your needs. You can include them in your 5s system, use them separately, or exclude them, based on your business needs. We understand that your business needs flexibility, and we've built it into the program.

Perhaps the strongest aspect of the PlusONE Program's flexibility is the equipment and supplies that are included. With customizable packages, you can get the supplies that you need and want, without having to get supplies that you'll never use. Reordering is easy, and you only have to purchase the original package once. Once you have the PlusONE program, you can print new worksheets and re-apply the program as many times as you like, without charge.