5s Supplies

A unique benefit of the PlusONE Program is the electronic documentation that accompanies the printed materials you will receive. These electronic copies will allow you to print as many copies as are necessary of the various worksheets and other materials. Once purchased, you can use the PlusONE Program in multiple facilities or locations easily.

The PlusONE Program also comes with industrial labeling equipment and supplies, which help you achieve your safety and visual awareness goals through each of the 5s steps. When needed, you can re-order labeling supplies by calling our toll-free number at 877-762-9280, or by visiting our website.

You will find that the PlusONE program is flexible, and the equipment and supplies provided can be used for multiple 5s exercises. Additional uses will also increase the viability of your investment, and can help you address visual awareness safety needs beyond what your original 5s goals and scope.