5s Red Tag

Red tag is an important part of the sorting phase of your 5s exercise. During the red tag steps, you will identify and label items that need to be removed, relocated, discarded or stored. Red tagging can help eliminate items that are cluttering your work flow.

The PlusONE Program provides you with software that can help you create custom red tag labels right from your computer. Writing on paper labels takes time, and paper labels cannot withstand UV, water and chemicals. The PlusONE program uses durable, UV and chemical resistant vinyl labels, which are printed with a thermal process. You can create red tag labels in seconds.

Beyond red tag, your PlusONE program can create yellow tag, orange tag, green-tag, or any other color of the rainbow, all on durable vinyl. Indestructible tag stock is also available, for applications where tags must be placed on large equipment, or used outdoors. Your red tag program can become more visually self-directing when you use multiple colors to identify specific actions.